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Cassette Split System Air Conditioners

Why have a cassette air conditioner?

A cassette air conditioner is often the best system for when there is no available wall space to mount a hi-wall split system or there is limited ceiling space for a ducted system. Cassettes are commonly used for larger areas than in the home, primarily because they take up a large amount of space on the ceiling. As a ceiling in the home is normally comprised of beams and joists, there may be significant limitations as to where the cassette can be safely mounted.

Joe Cools can advise you on the correct sized cassette air conditioner for your needs and that you are not purchasing an over or under sized system.

Ceiling mounted cassette split air conditioning systems from Joe Cools Adelaide use the same reverse cycle technology as ducted or hi-wall mounted reverse cycle air conditioning.

How do split system cassette air conditioners work?

Cassette air conditioners are very similar to wall split air conditioners, except they are mounted in the ceiling usually in a central location to distribute conditioned air through two, three or four sides of the unit. Cassette air conditioners work the same way as a hi-wall split system, except that cassettes are mounted on the ceiling instead of the wall. The cassette fits flush to the ceiling with a grille showing and the unit is concealed in the roof space. As with the other wall split systems, the compressor unit of a cassette air conditioner is located outside.

This air conditioner is reverse cycle and uses the same technological principal to heat and cool as the ducted reverse cycle air conditioner.

Good to know pointers about cassette split system air conditioners

Where to use cassette split systems

Cassette split system reverse cycle air conditioning supplied and installed by Joe Cools Adelaide is effective in large spaces and open plan offices where wall mounting or ducting is not feasible.

Installation & operation of a cassette split system

Cost of cassette split system air conditioning

Environmental benefits of reverse cycle air conditioning

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