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Evaporative Air Conditioners

Ducted evaporative air conditioning provides cooling to multiple rooms via a network of ducts installed in the roof, which distributes air through air ducts and vents that are visually and purposefully positioned, or through a plenum.

How do evaporative air conditioners work?

An evaporative air conditioner only cools. The technology is completely different to refrigerated air conditioning. It is a natural method of cooling that uses air and water. Warm air is drawn by a fan from outside into the cooling unit and passes over a series of wet filter pads. As it passes over the pads some of the water evaporates absorbing the heat, as it does so it cools and humidifies the air which is then blown into the house, and forces the warm air through the open windows and doors.

This air conditioning system uses the same principle to the cooling system of your own body. Your body perspires creating sweat on the skin, as the sweat evaporates, the body receives a cooling effect.

Good to know pointers about evaporative air conditioning

Colour coordinated evaporative air conditioning units are mounted discretely on the roof to deliver cooled and filtered air to rooms and large spaces via ducts and vents, or a plenum.

Where to use evaporative air conditioning

Installation & operation of evaporative air conditioning

Cost of evaporative air conditioning

Environmental benefits & effects of evaporative air conditioning

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