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Does Joe Cools provide on-site visits after hours? What are typical lead times for a Joe Cools installation? How do I choose the right size air conditioner for my home? Asthma Allergies and Evaporative Air Conditioning - Should I purchase one? ‘What is the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) tick?’ How much energy does an air conditioner consume? What is MEPS? Why isn’t horsepower used to describe Air Conditioner capacity rather than Kilowatts? Which air conditioners relate to the energy star labels? What’s the difference between ‘comfort’ air conditioning and ‘industrial’ air conditioning? What is flexible duct or duct work? What is a Linear Slot Diffuser and Grille?


Who can install an air conditioner? How can I prepare for my air conditioning installation? Do I have to be home when Joe Cools comes to install the air conditioning system? Where do I to put the AC outside? Can I disguise my outdoor unit by placing a cover over and in front of it? Do I need three phase or single phase electrical supply? What is 3-phase electrical power? Can Plumbers or Electricians install air conditioners? Can I take my split systems with me when I move house? How can I prepare for my air conditioning installation?


How can I use my air conditioner more efficiently and reduce the air running costs? How do I adjust the air-flow in a Multi-Directional Outlet (MDO)? I’ve lost my Owners Operating Manual where can a get one? What is the most comfortable temperature setting for my AC? Why doesn’t the heating immediately blow air when I turn it on? Why doesn’t the air conditioner start immediately? Why is my air conditioner not heating? Why doesn’t my Evaporative AC work on some hot days? Why does the temperature feel hotter than it actually is measuring on a humid day? Why is it hot and humid inside when my Evaporative Air Conditioner is running? What are the Evaporative AC Mode Controls?


Can I fix my Air Conditioner myself? How often should I replace my air conditioning filter? Where can I buy disposable filters and filter media for my ducted air conditioner? How often do I need to get my Reverse Cycle AC unit serviced? How do I know if all my AC zone motors are operating? How do I clean my Air Conditioning Vents easily and quickly? How can my air conditioner’s air-flow be improved? The Fins on my air conditioner have been dented and push over – How do I fix them? My air conditioner is not heating or cooling the room properly. What can I do to improve its operation? Why does the air that comes out of my air conditioner smell? How do I maintain and service my Evaporative AC? And how often? Can I replace the insulation on the AC pipework as it is damaged?


Should I get my Air Conditioner repaired or replaced? Do Reverse Cycle ACs need to be re-gassed like car ACs? How do I know which zones control which rooms? Some rooms are hot others too cold, how can this be altered? Is water leaking out of my air conditioning unit inside the house, or is it leaking from the roof? Do I need to put a cover over the Reverse Cycle AC outdoor unit? Do I need to put a cover over the Evaporative AC outdoor unit? I’ve lost my remote control where can I get one?


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